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To add widgets to the Sidebar, Homepage or Footer of this theme, you will need to access Appearance -> Widgets menu, and drag widgets to your widgetized areas to activate them.

Custom WPZOOM Widgets

Widgets Structure in Demo

Custom Post Type: Testimonials

You can add a testimonial just like a regular post, with the only difference that the title for the testimonial is generated from custom fields.
The post title will affect only the URL for the testimonial (if permalinks are enabled), while the Featured Image for the post will show up as the testimonial author’s photo.

More about Testimonials

  • You can enable a random testimonial in the Homepage section of the WPZOOM: Theme Options page.
  • You can add a new Page using the Testimonials custom template. The page will display all available testimonials with their full content on a single page.
  • You can add WPZOOM: Testimonials widget(s) on the Appearance -> Widgets page.

Custom Post Type: Portfolio

You can add a portfolio post just like a regular post.

More about Portfolio

  • You can enable Portfolio posts to be displayed on the Homepage by going to the Homepage -> Portfolio Settings section of the WPZOOM: Theme Options page.
  • You can add a new Page using the Portfolio custom template. The page will display all portfolio posts on a single page.

Theme Customization

Change Background Image/Color

  1. Go to Appearance -> Background menu.
  2. You have two options: to upload an image you want to be used as background
  3. or select a solid color using a color picker

Modify Logo image

  • If you want to have a logo similar to the one we are using in the demo, you can download logo.psd (Photoshop layered file) of the logo on following link:
  • You’ll need to open logo.psd file from downloaded .zip file with Adobe Photoshop, and edit the text using Text (press T) tool.


How do I change summary content (Excerpt) for a post?

On editing page of a post, look for a field called Excerpt. You can add here summaries for your posts each time you want to adjust manually the length of text which appears in Recent Articles, Post Archives or when you simply want to have a different text than the automatically picked excerpt.

How can I control the number of recent posts listed on homepage?

  1. Go to Settings -> Reading
  2. Find Blog pages show at most option, and change the number of posts.

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