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Creating Child Themes and When You Should Use Them

Written by Joe Foley on 17 comments

A child theme in WordPress is small, light-weight “add-on” theme that inherits all the styling and functionality of another theme, called the “parent theme” in this case. You can create a child theme for any theme in WordPress.

Child themes are used when you want to make changes to a site without actually changing the code or the files in your original theme. This lets you update your original theme (which is the engine behind the child theme) without losing any changes you made to your site.

In this post we’ll go over how to create a child theme and also give a rundown of 5 common scenarios for when you’d want to use a child theme.

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New Themes

Monte – New Theme for Fashion Bloggers + Giveaway

Written by Pavel Ciorici on 22 comments

Today we’re happy to announce the release of our new magazine-style theme for fashion bloggers!
Monte is a complex and multifunctional theme, highly customizable and features a spacious responsive layout.

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A Year with Ticket-based Support: What We Learned

Written by Alex Denning on 6 comments
ticket-cover (2)

A year ago we switched to Help Scout, a ticket-based support system, after using a forum-based support system since 2009. The main motivation behind the switch was, as Pavel wrote at the time, was to provide faster, more scaleable and – simply – better support for our customers than we could with the forum-based system.

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Black Friday Sale – 40% off WordPress Themes & All Themes Package

Written by Pavel Ciorici on 2 comments
black20115 (1)

From November 26th until December 1st, you can get 40% off any WordPress theme, ZOOM Builder or the All Themes Package, which gives you instant access to our entire collection of themes!

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What to Check when Changing your WordPress Theme

Written by Joe Foley on 1 comment
install-theme (1)

Getting a new theme for your WordPress site is exciting. It’s like moving into a new house or having an older one renovated.

But like moving into a new house or doing a renovation, you can’t just snap your fingers and it’s done. There are a number of things to do and check to make sure everything is in order. Continue Reading →